Migration to VSTS


Why migrate to VSTS?

If you are a Team Foundation Server customer, you have already understood how valuable it is to bring your development team together in one place with traceability from each aspect of the software development lifecycle. Now that Visual Studio Team Services has been launched, many customers who have migrated from Team Foundation Server have said they did so because of a number of reasons ...

Upgrades are pushed to VSTS every three weeks and your company doesn't need to worry about managing the core TFS Infrastructure any longer. Any team member will have the flexibility to securely access VSTS from work, home or mobile devices ... a great solution to collaborate together from anywhere. Adopting VSTS will also help your company with modernizing and driving agility and DevOps practices by making it easier to build and release your apps to the cloud and increase delivery of new business value.

Ever since Visual Studio Team Services was released to provide a hosted SaaS service for development teams, Team Foundation Server customers have been asking Microsoft to be able to import their TFS databases to take advantage of all the great capabilities of Visual Studio Team Services. As from November 16 (2016), announced at the Microsoft Connect event, Microsoft now offers a full-fidelity TFS Database Import Service (public preview).

Sparkles does it right!

Sparkles and Xpirit (Microsoft ALM Gold Partner) have been trained on-site at Microsoft Redmond by the Microsoft VSTS Product Team to fully understand the different parts of migrating to Visual Studio Team Services. The migration process contains a number of important manual preparation steps in order to succeed. Microsoft also recommends to find a trained Microsoft Partner with the DevOps Competency to help you with your migration to Visual Studio Team Services.

Read full details at visualstudio.com: Migrate to Visual Studio Team Services

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