.NET Design Master Class


From principles and design patterns to concrete technologies ...

A good design is the only viable recipe to build software systems with the degree of complexity, extensibility, and security required today. The .NET Design Master Class goes through all the steps that characterize the design of a system. It starts with acknowledgement of requirements and definition of use-cases. It moves to UML diagrams to render use-cases into programmable scenarios. It ends up breaking down the system in components and maps them onto layers and services. It deals with classes and their general attributes of testability, security, extensibility, maintainability, readability, performance.

You’ll get up, close and personal with basic principles such as low coupling, high cohesion, dependency inversion that should always inspire the design of a modern software system. You’ll understand testing, design patterns and idiomatic design targeted to a specific platform—the .NET platform.

The class delves deep inside the sections of a typical layered architecture—presentation, services, business, data access and explains common patterns with their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll understand the benefits of a domain-driven organization of the business logic. You’ll figure out the general responsibilities of a data access layer and the key role played by the service layer in maintaining a low coupling between presentation and the rest of the system. Finally, you’ll see the practical benefits of separation of concerns applied to the user interface.

The .NET Design Master Class is all about software design and related principles, patterns, best practices, and pitfalls. It does not address the general skills set required of today architects (like the Architect’s Master Class), but rather teaches the blueprints for designing and implementing a layered application in the particular context of .NET technologies. As such, it makes for the natural complement to the Architect’s Master Class, and applies both to developers and architects.


On top of the frontal presentations, the class uses numerous conceptual demos and excerpts from sample applications. The students will also embark in a practical design session to model an end-to-end solution using a domain-based approach.


Dino Esposito is an architect and trainer at IDesign and one of the world's authorities on Web technology and software design and architecture. Over years, Dino developed hands-on experience and skills in architecting and building distributed systems for banking and insurance companies and, in general, in industry contexts where the demand for security, optimization, performance, scalability, interoperability is dramatically high.

Dino is also a prolific author. Every month, at least five different magazines and Web sites throughout the world publish Dino's articles covering topics ranging from Web development to AJAX architectures and from data access to Silverlight and design patterns. Dino published an array of books, most of which are considered state-of-the-art in their respective areas. His recent books are “Microsoft ® .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise”, "Architecting Web Applications with ASP.NET AJAX" and the evergreen “Programming ASP.NET 3.5-Core Reference". All books are from Microsoft Press. Other books are coming out in 2009 to cover the new version of the .NET Framework.

Dino speaks regularly at industry conferences all over the world, including Microsoft TechED, DevConnections, and premiere European events such as DevWeek and BASTA!.

Subscribe to his blog at http://weblogs.asp.net/despos/.


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Date & Location

October 5-9, 2009 (Five days)

Compuware Belgium
Ikaroslaan 21
1920, Zaventem

Target Audience

Any .NET developer would benefit greatly from the .NET Design Master Class training. Basic familiarity with C# and .NET programming is recommended. No specific knowledge of products or technologies is assumed, but a working knowledge of ADO.NET, LINQ, Web, Windows development, and WCF is a plus.


The cost for this intensive 5 day Master Class is 2850,- euro (taxes not included). This price includes your participation to the Master Class, coffee/tea, lunch and the printed materials presented during the Master Class.

Payment in advance is required to book your seat for the seminar. Limited places available: first come, first served. Registration is only complete and will be confirmed after payment. Transfer the total amount of your fees by bank transfer to the account of Sparkles: 733-0567754-43 (use your full name in the message) or use the IBAN code for international payment: IBAN BE 66 7330 5677 5443 (BIC code: KREDBEBB).

Cancellation is possible up to 3 weeks before the seminar - if received in writing. In this case, 25% of the total amount is charged for administration. Otherwise, the full registration fee is due, regardless of the reason of cancellation. Replacement is possible at no extra charge.

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