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NHibernate is the most powerful and advanced Object Relational Mapper available for the .NET platform. But with great power comes great responsibility and typically, a steep learning curve. This course aims to lower that learning curve to 3 intensive days where participants will learn all about the most important features of NHibernate, as well as be instructed on how to use those features responsibly to achieve the best possible results.

This course will be very hands-on with a lot of exercises to be completed by the participants. Some experience with NHibernate is recommended, though not required for the fast learners amongst us. Experience with C# 3.0 or higher is required. For a full overview of the topics that are covered in this class, be sure to download the full course details.


The class uses a combination of frontal presentations, code demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises to reinforce all of the concepts presented.

Each attendee is required to bring his own laptop to complete the exercises. Required software: Visual Studio 2008/2010.


Davy Brion has been working as a developer/architect for the past 8 years. He's been a frequent blogger for the past 3,5 years on his blog where he writes about a variety of technical topics. In 2008, he was invited to be a part of the official NHibernate development team, where he participated in the development of NHibernate until August 2009. After that, he stopped contributing to NHibernate due to shifting interests and lack of spare time, though he's still an avid supporter and user of NHibernate. He then started the open-source Agatha project, which is a Request/Response Service Layer for .NET which aims to take away many of the drawbacks of typical WCF usage. He recently started his own company called That Extra Mile, where he focuses primarily on consulting, and occasionally does some training as well.


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Date & Location

June 20-22, 2011 (Three days)

Mechelen, Belgium

Target Audience

Any experienced .NET developer would benefit greatly from this Master Class.


The cost for this intensive 3 day Master Class is 1600,- euro (taxes not included). This price includes your participation to the Master Class, coffee/tea, lunch and the printed materials presented during the Master Class.

As an extra you will also receive a copy of the NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook from Packt Publishing.

Payment in advance is required to book your seat for the seminar. Limited places available: first come, first served. Registration is only complete and will be confirmed after payment. Transfer the total amount of your fees by bank transfer to the account of Sparkles: 733-0567754-43 (use your full name in the message) or use the IBAN code for international payment: IBAN BE 66 7330 5677 5443 (BIC code: KREDBEBB).

Cancellation is possible up to 3 weeks before the seminar - if received in writing. In this case, 25% of the total amount is charged for administration. Otherwise, the full registration fee is due, regardless of the reason of cancellation. Replacement is possible at no extra charge.

Full course details

  download full course details